Thursday, April 10, 2014

The evolution of Altera

Altera in her original design in Patch 1.15 of the Version 1.0 of FF XIV
Alteras new look at the relaunch of FFXIV. A Realm Reborn.
Darker skin, Purple Hair and Orange highlights, Orange and Purple eyes
With the addition of the new Astestichian (barbershop) I changed to a new hairstyle. Rest stayed the same.
Made her purple and orange hair a darker shade.
Changed haircolor to black with dark orange
Current design. New hairstyle was added in Patch 2.2 which I really felt suited Altera. Kept it black, and made Orange highlighs a bit more red.
Do you guys prefer the old design or the newer ones I have made? :)
Lemme know if you want to leave a comment.

Cya in Eorzea