Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Sexions of the 7th Dawn

Altera keeps working herself through the tanks of the Scions of the 7th Dawn, this time allowing Thancred and Cid to perform some DP on her ;)

Commissioned from Lunareyes

Altera and Taletta 2

After Altera has finished fondling Talettas breasts and pussy, she strips out of her bikini and rips Talettas too off, and shares a nice dildo in the shower ;)

Commissioned from Naranjou

Friday, January 10, 2014

Altera's Xmas dream

All Altera dreams for Xmas is some candycane sweets and some "balls" to play with ;)

Commissioned from Bobbydando

Altera and Taletta

Altera gets all frisky in the showers after a dip in the swimmingpool, and fondles all over Taletta's dripping wet body ;)

Commissioned from Naranjou

Altera and Garuda

Garuda has not been depicted in hentai pictures that I have come across, so Altera decided she would give her some screentime, plus that feathery soft pussy couldnt be passed up xD

Commissioned from Lunareyes