Thursday, September 19, 2013

Altera cosplays Samus Aran

 Altera cosplays as Samus from Metroid.

Gotta love a sexy pussy in a latex suit :D

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Horny Trio

Altera, Yuniko and Linora having some sexy time once again :3

Altera giving Yuniko's pussy a footmassage, and Linora sucks on Alteras boobs while fingering her pussy :3

Commissioned from Franarok

Lick that pussy, Nalica

 I gave Animeflux complete freedom to draw Altera in any situation and with any OC he wanted.

And I very happy with seeing Altera getting a nice pussylicking from his cute and sexy dragongirl, Nalica :D
And for the futa fans out there, enjoy this version where Altera messes herself and tastes her own cum as she climaxes from Nalica's excellent tonguework ;)

Commissioned from Animeflux

Thanks, Sujaki

Sujaki commissioned a sexy picture where Altera gets to fuck Sujaki's throat, while she herself enjoys a nice big blue dildo :3

Thanks Sujaki for including my Altera in your commission

Commissioned from Lunareyes

Unicorns, Mount Up

After riding their Unicorns all the way from Gridania to La Noscea, Altera and Linora felt they needed to let their trusty unicorns mount them as reward for their journey.

Looks like both the kittens and unicorns enjoys the "ride" :)

Commissioned from Bobbydando

Good stretch

Altera getting her pussy pounded and stretched quite a lot after loosing her battle with Ifrit.

Doesnt look like she minds it though xD

Commissioned from Lunareyes

Hotspring relaxation

Altera enjoying a nice sip of sake, while Natya enjoys a sip of Alteras cock for her creamy milk ;)

Commissioned from SquishyINK

Tessa, Altera and Miya

Alteras turn to get filled up on both sides. Getting to taste Miya's sweet cock while Tessa fills her pussy with warm cream :3

Commissioned from Lunareyes

Aurica, Wingblade and Altera

Altera and Aurica ganging up on Wingblade. Altera fills her pussy while Aurica gets a nice BJ ;)

Commissioned from Lunareyes

Cosplaying Kittens

 Altera, Yuniko and Linora cosplaying as their favorite OCs from other games and anime series.

Altera in the dress Urd wears in the anime Ah My Goddess
Linora as Sona from League of Legends
Yuniko as Ahri, also from League of Legends

Commissioned from Artemisumi

Lick them toes

Altera and Yuniko licking eachothers toes, and Altera decides to also give Yunikos pussy some toe action ;)

Commissioned from Naranjou

Costa Del Sol

Altera, Yuniko and Linora relaxing at the beach bar at Costa Del Sol in La Noscea, sipping some fine wine and enjoying themselves :)

Commissioned from Lunareyes

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Monstergirls Teamwork

Two monster girls living in the same area of the jungle decided to join forces in hunting for food or mating. Fortunatly for Altera and Linora, they were looking for mating.

Altera slightly drowsy from the driders kisses, is having a great time.
Linora however, still trying to adjust to the Lamias massive shaft when she suddenly felt something solid being forced into her womb, giving her quite a shock.

Commissioned from Bobbydando