Monday, April 29, 2013

Waterfalls of Gridania

 Altera and some of her friends enjoy the waterfalls of Gridania with some futa fucking ;)

Top: Altera - Ahim
Middle: Altera - Karina
Bottom: Altera - Renala

Hope you enjoy the versions :)

Commissioned by the awesome: ELWINNE :D

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Altera does Goo-Catgirls

I have had a thing for goo/slimegirls for a while lately, so I decided to commission Elwinne and Froly to put Altera up against some slime copies of herself to unload her cum inside them :)

Commissioned from Elwinne

Commissioned from Froly :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Rock-a-bye Kitty

Featuring Altera and her friend Laliana having fun with anal beads and a sexswing ;)

Commissioned from JohnRussell

Altera VS Diablos

 Again, Altera travelled from FFXIV to visit her favorite places in FF VIII ;)

She stumbled across a magic lamp which she ofc used, and it summoned the GF Diablos.

Wonder who will win this one ;)

Bondage Slave Altera

This picture started just as a question in my mind: How Altera would look in a bdsm outfit? Aaand here's the result!

Yuniko and a this succubus are the mistresses here, but Altera doesn't mind!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Slime Bikini

Altera trying out those new slime bikinis that can change shapes from being just a bikini, to swimsuit and latexsuit.

But it looks like this slimekini is a bit too tight around her pussy and bewbs XD

Commissioned from BadmanBastich

Jacuzzi and tentacles

Altera and Yuniko was having a nice relaxing jacuzzi bath, when tentacles found their way through the pipes, and found Altera and Yuni's holes too good to pass up.

Seems the tentacle found Alteras butt so tempting that it went all the way through for maximum enjoyment xD

Commissioned from JoiXXX

When Yuniko sleeps, Altera "plays"

 Altera can't help but to have some fun with cute sleeping Yuniko.

Wonder if Yuniko will notice why shes so wet down there XDDD
Commissioned from Emperpep

Monday, April 1, 2013

Altera's first GIF/MP4 :)

I commissioned Washa on Hentai Foundry to animate a picture that I previously have received from InCase to put some life into Altera's naughtyness and one of her favorite anal dildos XD

Hope you all like it :)

This video also contains sounds and is in HD 720p ^^