Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Triangle of Love

 3 sexy Miqo'tes having some fun in a sex triangle, fisting and fingering eachother's pussies and butts :)

Altera, Yuniko and Nataya

Altera, Yuniko and Nahaara


For all those futa Altera fans out there :D
Enjoy ^.~

Miqo'te Sandwich w/ Cream

 Altera's sweet kitty Yuniko receive her butt stuffed by Altera's big futacock, and Kiki having fun tittyfucking and cumming over Yunikos face
Iingaate getting titfucked by her GF Wingblade, while Altera was allowed Lingaates anal virginity ;)

And then we have Tyana getting the same treatment ;)

Altera sure gets to put her cock into several sexy kittens' butts this time around. But seems to like it as she licks her lips in pleasure :D

Commissioned from Faustsketcher
Many thanks to him for making all these versions for me ^^

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cocks A Plenty

 Thank you so much AAAninja for yet another awesome set of sexy pictures of Altera dude :)

Never seen Altera handling so many cocks before, but seems to know how to manage herself :3

Received from: AAAninja :D

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dildo Playtime

Another dream come through :D
Managed to get a slot from ZET13 when he posted a very limited time offer on Hentai Foundry

So I told him to do a picture where Altera just toys with herself in bed ;)

Love how he colored it and the lines are so powerful and vibrant looking colors ^^

Commissioned from ZET13

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Altera, Nanako and Snow :3

 YAAAY Finally managed to get a commission spot from the awesome UTHSTAR :3

I absolutely LOVE seeing Altera getting to suck on Nanako's big blue cock. And getting some pussy pleasuring from Snow's strapon dildo :3


Commissioned from Uthstar:
Check out more of his amazing picture on Hentai Foundry :D

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sexy Altera

 Me and Faustsketcher just started talking on Skype one night what kind of outfits we felt looked sexy on sexy girls, RL and Hentai babes XD

And I mentioned I absolutly loves wet see through swimsuits and ofc LATEX.

And voila. Appearantly he did this as a surprise for me, and my jaw dropped when he sent me these :3

I love everything in these 2 pictures. The poses, face expressions and coloring is all purely amazing :)


Paid Faustsketcher to have him do some quick futa versions for the ones who prefers Futa Altera over normal Altera XD

Check out more of his awesome gallery on Hentai Foundry and Deviant Art ^^

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kiss in the night

 Altera and Renala on the balcony of their Uldah Housing, sharing some wet hot kisses and fondles eachother in their sexy nightgowns. :)

 Another version Felox08 did for me to also let Altera have some fun with Nahaara too ;)
Commissioned from: Felox08

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Altera #1 in Anal-penetration

 Altera is going for her biggest ever anal penetration from tentacles.
Joining her on her recordbreaking penetration is her sexy friend Wingblade who also gets some nice pleasuring all round :D

Commissioned from: Elwinne
Check out more of her awesome stuff on Hentai Foundry ^.^

Symbiotic Sex

 Amaki the High elf using her symbiotic dildo on Altera. The thing has a life of its own, pleasuring both in places they couldn't usually get... pleasured. And it cums glitter. ^_____________________^

With and without internal views

Commissioned from Nyuunzi :D

Sex in the sunset

Altera having some nice sex in the sunset with Wingblade.
Wingblade sure is strong as the holds Altera off the ground while she bangs her up against the tree.
Altera's pussy also seems to be nice and wet as she lubricates Wing's futacock nicely ^^

Commissioned from Nyuunzi ^.^

Chibi-Altera in bikini :)

Another cute chibi picture I received from my FFXIV gamer friend this time drawing Altera in her favorite gold bikini she got from the Summer Festival event in 2011 ^^

Thank you so much for doing this Alex^^

Monday, January 7, 2013

Altera, The Chibi Blackmage ^.^

A really cute Chibi Altera drawn for me by a friend I have gotten to know playing FFXIV.

Really loved to see how cute Altera is as a Chibi.

Sorry thought as this isnt a nude picture like normal. But I just felt I should share it with all of you ^^

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Altera and NinjaKitty

I won NinjaKitty's raffle lottery. :D
And this was the result ^^

Altera and NinjaKitty getting a nice egg stuffing :3 And they will do some fisting afterwards to pull them all out again xD

From the awesome NinjaKitty
Check out more of her art at HentaiFoundry