Wednesday, November 21, 2012

HELP, I'm stuck!!!

Altera and her friend Marona ventured into a dungeon in search of treasures.
But as Altera found a hidden room, she gets chased through the dungeon by a tentacle monster which rips the little clothes she wears off of her as she runs for safety

She manages to get to the hole in the wall she came through, but gets tangled up by tentacles holding her in place.
And as any tentacle monster would, he gives Altera the full treatment. XDD

Commissioned from: Bobbydando

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Altera Reborn

 With Eorzea burnt and destroyed by Bahamut in the End of an Era of FFXIV, Altera brings new life into A Realm Reborn with her baby kitty Alessa.

Soon she might also roam the lands of new Eorzea in search of cocks in all shape and form just like Altera XDDD

I was a bit apprehensive of making pictures of Altera where she is pregnant, but quite a lof people have commented if they ever got to see pregnant Alt or Loli Altera.

So I decided to go through with it. Faustsketcher also was very happy being allowed to do this as he has never been given pregnant commissions, and this was his first time doing so :3

Commissioned from: Faustsketcher ^^

Pussy Sandwich

Altera cant decide where to slide her big futa cock into first. Both "pussies" are so inviting ^_^

Featuring Manux on top of her GF ;3

Commissioned from Franarok

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lumierea and Altera

 Altera and a sexy gray Elezen Lumierea sharing some delightful tentacles together :3

Clean and Wet versions :3

Commissioned from: Elwinne

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Altera. I got this a few days after Halloween itself. But better late than never.

Anyone looking for candy can lick her buttcheeks as Altera has sprayed some candyslime on them ;3

Commissioned from Stefanie.
I do not know if she has a Hentai Foundry profile as the artist is a friend of someone I know in FFXIV xD

Altera does FF8 XD

Now that FFXIV is shutting down servers for a little while as A Realm Reborn is being worked on. Altera took at trip to one of her favorite FF games which this time was FF8 to find Squall and give him some "pussy" XD

Hope you like it

Commissioned from: Franarok

Altera and Nataya

Altera and Nataya getting some nice tentacle stuffing. Altera has gone for the egg treatment while Nataya has picked big shots of cum xD

Commissioned from: Franarok