Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Corrupted Birth

A followup picture as to what happens to Altera after she got impregnated by the Tree Corrupters.

Picture commissioned from: Bobbydando
Look at the links to find his Hentai Foundry profile and check out more of his pictures:)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Anal Kitty

 Altera seems to love big things up her ass. Cause everytime I see her lately, she has bigger and bigger toys stuffed up inside her. This size seems to cause her to experience a squirting orgasm too :3

Commissioned from: InCase
Be sure to check out his other pictures on
Hentai Foundry^^

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Altera sure loves tentacles. Probably due to they can penetrate her so deeply and restrain her bondage style XD

Commissioned from: CuteEmmy
Check out her Gallery at Hentai Foundry for more of her nice pictures :3

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Altera and Natyss

Being a former player of WoW, I wanted Altera to do a crossover and asked Nyuunzi to use his very own Draenei WOW character to fistfuck my Altera in her pussy. And I am glad he didnt mind putting Natyss to the job, as I really like how she looks ^^

I do miss my own Draenei DK (Xenosaga) sometimes, but sadly WoW just didnt manage to keep me interested anymore after 6+ years, so I went and found FFXIV and Miqote race:) And I love playing the game with my kinky kitty Altera ^^

Commissioned from: Nyuunzi

Check out his Gallery on Hentai Foundry for more sexy pics^^

Shirin lends a hand...

or two :3

After getting bored of using dildos to make Altera feel good. Shirin decides a more direct hands on approach would result in greated pleasure. And looking at my Altera's face, shes really loving feeling Shirin's hands wiggle inside her pussy and ass

Commissioned from: Faustsketcher
Check out his Hentai Foundry and Deviant Art gallery for more quality hentai and nonhentai pictures ^^

Gooey Pussies

John Russell sure blew my mind away with how amazing this picture looks and the amount of cum gushing from Altera and Kiki's holes :3

Altera is getting 2 thick and 1 thin tentacle all up in her pussy while Kiki gets 1 thick in her pussy and ass:)

Amazing details in the picture and specially on the fluids:)

Commissioned from: John Russell
Be sure to check out his Hentai Foundry gallery. Lots of great stuff to see there :3


 Altera and Marona in some nice gangbang action^^

Commissioned from: Faustsketcher
Check him out some more on Hentai Foundry and Deviant Art

Babydoll doggystyled

 A picture I commissioned as Babydoll told me she would love to see her Babydoll in a doggystyle getting fucked by Alteras big futacock. But Altera gets a little frisky and started fingering her ass, which seems to surprise Babydoll in a good way as her tail starts to vibrate from pleasure
Commissioned from: Faustskecther
Check out his awesome Gallery at Hentai Foundry

Corrupted Forest

A picture I let Bobbydando have full freedom as to what would happen to Altera, and man he sure came up with some cool stuff:)

Those corrupters takes control of trees, and uses its roots to snare Altera in place so they can use her holes to reproduce.

A followup picture is in the works where Altera gives birth to babycorrupters XD

Commissioned from: Bobbydando
Check out his amazing Gallery on Hentai Foundry ^^

Outdoor menage a trois

Altera, Celaria and Kiki having some fun in the forests of The Black Shroud.

Commissioned from: Ivloongoddess/Dhamaluna
Check out her gallery on Deviant Art

Fun at the Gridanian Inn

Altera invited Karina and Shirin to her private room at Gridania's Inn for some hot DP sex.

Commissioned from: Personalami
Be sure to check out the Gallery on Hentai Foundry

Toys R Us

Altera having a nice time with her friends Uriko and Jewel.
Altera loves the strapon she has on as its got a big vibrator in her pussy. While Uriko and Jewel has fun with large dildos.

Uriko seems to be having a great time getting DP'ed ^^

Commissioned from: Faustsketcher
Check him out on Hentai Foundry ^^

Tentacle Pleasures

One of the first commissioned I ever ordered of my Altera.
Just had to see my sexy Miqo'te getting pleasured by tentacles as it is 1 of my favortite hentai fetishes :3

Really love how John Russell drew Altera in this picture ^^

Commissioned from: John Russell
Check out his Gallery on Hentai Foundry for more great pictures. Be sure to check out the pictures named: Specimen/Specimen2. I simply love those pictures :3

Hotspring of Lust

Altera sharing a lovely hotsprings bath with her 2 friends Shirin and Marona.

I was really blown away by the background Faustsketcher did for this picture. Really love how sensual he made them all look.

Shirin seems to love be the centre of attention for both of Alteras and Maronas futacocks :3

Commissioned from: Faustsketcher
Check out his Gallery on Hentai Foundry ^^

Spoonful of pleasure

Altera and Neya sharing a passionate moment in bed. Neya really loves getting Altera's futacock deep inside her as they tonguekiss ^^

Commissioned from: Faustsketcher

Altera, Neya and a couple of friends

Really sexy stuff isnt it? :3
Had a lot of fun coming up with this idea. To have Neya and Altera have fun with dildos while sucking their friends cocks from creamy cum.
Neya got her first load, Altera is still hungry and going for seconds :3

Commissioned from: Faustsketcher
Check him out on Hentai Foundry :)

Anyone got a Malboro?

Poor Altera being used as an egg incubator again. Malboro found her ass so nice that it pushed its tentacle all the way through and our her mouth. But she does seem to like it though. Altera is such a naughty kinky kitty isnt she XD

Commissioned from: Bobbydando
Check out his Gallery on Hentai Foundry :3

Altera - Kiki - Marona

Altera is getting some proper pleasuring from her friends Marona and Kiki.
After getting her cock sucked by Marona, and Kiki pushes a large buttplug, Altera can't help exploding inside Marona's mouth from the extasy ^^

Looks like Marona doesnt mind getting so much cum in her mouth as its even coming out of her nose XD

Commissioned from: Faustsketcher
Check out his Gallery on Hentai Foundry :)

Altera gets creamed

After Altera has fucked her good friend Kiki with her futacock several times, she now gets to feel how amazing it feels for herself. And Kiki gives her a big creampie too :3

Commissioned from: Faustsketcher


 Wanted to see Altera in a simple leg over leg pussygrind, couldnt decide who she would do it with, so I chose both:)

The blonde is a Hyur named Karina, and the blackhaired miqote is Syra

Commissioned from: Faustsketcher
Check out his awesome Gallery on Hentai Foundry ^^

Altera's Airborn Rape

Walking through the deserts of Thanalan can be quite dangerous as it is crawling with nasty bugs like Gnats.
Poor Altera gets lifted off the ground while Gnats starts to lay its eggs inside her womb and through her mouth.

After the rape was over, Altera extracted all the eggs, went to get her Warrior AF and got her sweet revenge XD

Commissioned from: Bobbydando
Watch his Gallery on Hentai Foundry. Lots of great stuff there :3

Altera + Fumino = 69

My Altera and a friends kitty Fumino in a simple 69 position playing with eachothers pussies. ( silly pun intended XD )

Commissioned from: Faustsketcher
Check him out on Hentai Foundry for more awesome pictures^^

Chocobo Mounting

After riding her Chocobo all around Eorzea, Altera decided to let it ride her for a while. Looks like shes really enjoys getting mounted and filled up inside :3

Commissioned from: Bobbydando
Please be sure to check out all his awesome kinky pictures on Hentai Foundry ^^

Kiki and Babydoll Titfuck

A picture I commissioned for 2 friends of mine from FFXIV. Kiki just loves Babydolls titties so she cant help but to rub her big futacock between em until she almost passes out while spraying her cum all over Babydoll.

Commissioned from: Faustsketcher, check out his Gallery on Hentai Foundry ^^

Altera and Babydoll Titfuck

After Kiki had her fun with cumming all over Babydolls tits, Altera wanted to put more cream on her tits. Which Babydoll doesnt seem to mind :3

Picture commissioned from: Faustsketcher :)

Check out his Gallery on Hentai Foundry^^ Really great stuff there.
He also has some nonhentai pictures on Deviant Art.

Couch of Pleasure

Altera and her good friend from FFXIV, Babydoll, having a nice time on the couch. Looks like Babydoll loves Alteras big futacock in her pussy filling her up with hot cream :3

Altera loves horse

Another set of pictures by the awesome artist: AAAninja :)
I have always wanted a beastiality/horse picture with Altera, and just mentioned that to AAA and he started on them quickly to my delight^^

I love the different versions he made, from having the horsecock plopped on Altera's back to cumming inside her pussy so much it bulges out her belly :3

 Cant thank him enough for doing these on request :3

Also remember to check out his gallery on Hentai Foundry. Tons of great pictures there^^

Kat meets Altera

The sexy Mithra Kat gets her nice ass fucked by my Miqo'te Altera :3
I just love these pictures from AAAninja. I have loved his pictures for a long time, and always found his Kat so very sexy.  So you can believe I was very stoked when I heard he would draw my Altera in his pictures, and Altera get to have sex with Kat just blew my mind away as I simply adore her looks :3

Please be sure to check out this great artist's gallery on Hentai Foundry.

I really want to thank him for doing these pictures as I said to him a while back I would love to see him draw my Altera, and he accepted my request :3

Thanks alot AAAninja ^^

Kitties in Heat

Some nice threesome action. Celaria being a normal miqo'te getting her pussy licked by Kiki, who in turn gets fucked up her ass by Altera who shoots off a large load of cum inside her, while pulling back Kiki's futacock and gives is a nice handjob

Commissioned from Faustsketcher
Be sure to check out his galleries on Hentai Foundry and Deviant Art. Really awesome work this guy has and love his artstyle :3

Catgirls and creampies

Altera loves having her Roegadyn friend Kareiya's large cock up her ass, while Noir the futa miqo'te fills her pussy, and gives her a nice creampie :3

Picture commissioned from Nyuunzi ^^

Friday, June 1, 2012

Catgirls and Tentacles

Altera and Renala getting tentacles in every hole possible. 1 tentacle really liked Alteras ass so much its gone all the way to come out her mouth. And both catgirls getting their nipples penetrated real good

Picture commissioned from Nyuunzi :3

Altera and Vines

Another picture from Nyuunzi. This time Altera is out in the woods gathering logs and branches when she gets snared and fucked by tentaclevines :3

Also check out Nyuunzi's gallery on Hentai Foundry for more of his sexy pictures^^


Altera strapped into a double dildo sexmachine, and got it cranked up to OH GOD! speedsetting XD

Picture commissioned by: Sabudenego.
Please be sure to check out his gallery on Hentai Foundry ^^

Altera's Toycollection

A picture I commissioned from Nyuunzi to show you all her various toys, while using her favorite big one up her ass :3